Zoo Talkin’ Radio Interview with Tom McPhee (Exec. Director, World Animal Awareness Society) Monday (Jan. 24, 2011)

Executive Director and Founder of the World Animal Awareness Society, Tom McPhee is an award winning producer and director of film, TV, and multi-language interactive media. He owns two media companies, Cave Studio and Man Smiling Moving Pictures. Tom served as producer, director and host/character for two animal centric TV shows broadcast across Canada on The Pet Network in 2009. Tom is the Producer & Director of the multi-award-winning documentary An American Opera: The Greatest Pet Rescue Ever! Through the World Animal Awareness Society, Tom scours the world for stories to film at the human/animal intersection. Tom has been on expedition recently filming the animal relief efforts that occurred shortly after the earthquake in Haiti and has been leading the ALL EYES ON THE GULF Expedition chronicling the effects on Life in the Gulf of Mexico after the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster since early May 2010. You can discover more about Tom and the World Animal Awareness Society at: http://www.WA2S.org/

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